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Mike View Profile View Posts. I would first check out the Gamepad Companion, after that if it isn't workin try another controller? Lobovski View Profile View Posts.

A stunningly beautiful mystery

I have the same problem with a wired controller and i'm on windows I'm getting the same thing. I just moved heaven and earth aka, debugged the source for tattiebogl's xbox driver so my PDP Afterglow controller would work only to find that The Cave is not recognizing it for some reason.

Has anyone gotten an xbox controller working in The Cave for Mac a genuine Microsoft one or a 3rd party one? Right now I can confirm that my controller a PDP Afterglow controller shows up as a standard USB HID peripheral and the tattibogl driver grabs it and makes it into a standard controller available for games to use.

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My controller works with Steam under 'Big Picture' mode very sweet but The Cave does not respond to it at all. I'm going to post about this over in the Double Fine Forums and see if they can help.

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Last edited by olliebrown ; 27 Jan, 9: This is easy to fix: Configure your controller in Big Picture, make sure everything works there 2. For my Razer Onza it looks like this: I totally just discovered this solution on my own by digging through the app bundle. Seriously just saw your comment after I had successfully used the gamepad for the first time in game. But yes, this is the problem. SDL2 see's it as a Joystick but won't let it be a true 'Gamecontroller' until it knows the proper button mapping.

On the mac, only genuine XBox and PS3 controllers do that out of the box.

Double Fine added a couple of mappings for Logitech controllers but not much beyond these basic profiles. If you know it works on you computer i. Thanks for the reply! Seth B. I wrote up a script to do this on a Mac.

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It should work for Linux too with some changes. While the game environments are dramatic and rendered beautifully with dynamic weather effects, walking through the forest felt a bit dull after a while as there is no sign of any wild life. In fact, with the exception of a few birds you never encounter a living thing throughout the game. Firewatch follows a red thread and the story is quite short. I downloaded the game and played it through in one sitting, hours of gameplay.

Thankfully the story is deeply engaging and keeps you playing until the final outcome is revealed. This experience was intriguing from the very start, and the story always kept me wondering where things were going from first launch. There were mysteries at every turn, and my interest in solving them advanced as situations proceeded to get weirder and weirder.

This mystery succeeds where others fail — it was genuinely creepy and often made the hairs on my arm stand up.

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This is a wonderful however sad story told in an unique way. I was touched deeply as my Dad has dementia, and I am currently going through many of the emotions that our protagonist wrestles with. I do wish the story came together a bit more at the end.

The reveal is not as exciting as it seemed it would be. I would, however, gladly pay again to experience more from this maker. I really liked this game and enjoyed playing it, but unfortunately only for a few hours.

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The story is well written and involving but quite short. GamePad Companion enables you to configure your gaming device to act as a keyboard or mouse. With GamePad Companion you can use your gaming devices with most games and apps, even if they don't have built-in support for those devices! For more information on devices you can visit GamePad Companion support. I initially set it up for play with l4d2 and after I tested out the initial settings I decided to go back into the program and tweak the mouse sensitivity some.

Unfortunately when I try to make changes the program crashes. There is absolutely nothing I can do to fix this. I have tried to reinstall the program, remake the. Tried with various controllers and controllers that used to work fine. I hope this app is updated again one day but seeing all the negative reviews has probably killed it for the developer. It is very dissapointing because once you wrap your mind around how to set up your controller properly - this was the best option for controller emulation, specifically FPS games like COD.

This is a tool-of-the-trade for those that use their computers as gaming platforms.