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You can assign a date to each note, which acts like a due date or reminder for when you need to finish something. These reminder notes then appear in the On the Agenda section, which shows important notes similar to a task list. With this, you get more tools like choosing calendars, saving searches, exporting Markdown, hiding watermarks on printed pages, and more.

Your purchase permanently entitles you to all the new features released during one year. Plus, an iOS version is coming in spring , where all data will sync through iCloud. Agenda Free, in-app purchase available. Sometimes all you need to focus on your notes are cards. Notes can end up in all kinds of formats, like checklists, sketches, audio clips, and even files.

The generic Text card lets you drop in formatted text, lists including checklists , audio, and photos. You could even use the Notebook Web Clipper to add web clippings to your text note. And as you continue to edit the text note, you can browse through previous versions if needed. Even though you can use a checklist in a Text card, the dedicated Checklist card functions differently. You can even display Checklist cards in the Notification Center widget, as if it was standalone.

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Audio cards include complete transcriptions of the recordings, and you can add extra text notes while playing back the audio. Photo cards allow you to drop in as many pictures, web clippings, or documents as needed, and you can drag them around to rearrange. File cards let you view files, and are different from attachments in a note. Plus, you can just drag and drop files from your Mac into Notebook.

Best Note Taking Apps for Mac

All you need is a free Zoho account. Zoho Notebook Free. If you want a powerful yet tastefully designed note-taking app, look no further than Bear. Bear is a beautiful app, featuring gorgeous typography and themes. But underneath this are powerful features. Like many writing apps, it supports the lightweight markup language called Markdown Learning Markdown: Write For The Web, Faster Markdown is the best way to write in plain text but still create complex documents. Read More.

2. Zoho Notebook

Most note-taking apps utilize notebooks or folders, but Bear focuses on tags, which are easier to manage in the long run. Just insert something like work in a note, and the tag acts like a folder. You can view all notes under a tag by clicking it in the sidebar. One of the best reasons to use Bear is the interlinking notes. When you want to link to a note for reference, simply type double brackets followed by note you want to link to. Here are several reasons it wins the Bear Notes vs. Apple Notes battle. Bear lets you add images them inline, so they blend with the rest of your note.

Bear Free, subscription available. Here are the best note-taking apps designed with coders and developers in mind. If you take notes on multiple devices or decide to stop using a Mac, your notes will stay with you. OneNote uses notebooks for organizing, with each note taking a page in a notebook. Notes can consist of anything: You can freely draw or sketch notes using your mouse, trackpad, or even a third-party drawing tablet.

It has a variety of apps for all major platforms, and there is no limit on storage, so long as you don't abuse it, according to the company's terms. Simplenote doesn't support uploads, multimedia, or even formatting—just text. It's worth noting that you'd have a hard time abusing limitless storage with plain text. A few features worth having in a note taking and syncing app are optical character recognition OCR , a good Web clipper, and organizational tools that work for you.

OCR comes in handy when snapping pictures of text. Google Keep can actually transcribe text that's in an image into typed text that you can then copy and paste or edit at will. Evernote Premium can run OCR on all text in images, including handwriting, when you look for words in a search. It also has a useful Digital Ink feature that turns your own handwriting into typed text when you use a tablet. It's handy for students writing equations that are otherwise difficult to type with a keyboard.

A Web clipper is another great feature for your note-taking app if you often find things on the Web that you want to save.

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For example, I clip a lot of recipes that I find online into my note-taking apps. Evernote and OneNote have Web clippers, and both give you options for saving the entire page or just core elements. In terms of organizational tools , every app is different, but the important thing is you have an interface that makes sense to you and that helps you find what you need when you need it. Evernote uses notes, notebooks, stacks of notebooks, and tags, whereas OneNote has pages, sections, and notebooks. Both Simplenote and Google Keep only use tags, so if you prefer to not think about where you're putting your notes, those tools might be better options.

While Evernote remains PCMag's Editors' Choice for note-taking and syncing apps, we did lower its overall rating to reflect its drop in value after the changes in its pricing and services. Hopefully, the uproar caused by Evernote will light a fire under competitors to hurry up and improve their apps. There are a lot of promising apps, but most of them need more time to mature. The read the capsule reviews below, and, if one of them sounds interesting, please be sure to click through to the full review for more details. Featured Note-Taking App Reviews: Effortless note-taking and syncing.

Incredible search. Great features. Free level of service too restrictive. Expensive Premium plan. Rich with features. Treats all note content as distinct page elements. Familiar interface for Office users. Office users get 1TB of space.

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Slow and clunky. Confusing structural design.

Top 10 Best Note Taking Apps for 2019

Poor search in Web app. Requires OneDrive for some management features. Can only share at the notebook level. Supports Markdown. Good options for exporting. Can import notes from Evernote and other services. Inexpensive Pro account. Extremely light on features. For Mac and iOS users only. No option to selectively sync to iOS devices. Syncing requires paid plan. Apps for a wide variety of devices. Unique sharing options. Reliable search. Supports Markdown on some devices. Lacks notebooks or folders for organizing.

Only supports text notes. No formatting tools. No Web clipper. Great implementation of locked notes feature. Can stack notes. No Web or Windows apps. Can't upload documents. Limited sorting and organization features. Customizable labels tags. Transcribes image text to typed text. Works well with other Google apps. Reminders are well integrated.

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  • No audio recording ability in the Web app. No desktop apps. Can't mark up images, PDFs. Weak Web clipper. Preview images not well displayed. OCR feature not automatic nor intuitive.