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On Linux, even if your system is not in Chinese, you most likely have a fallback font that support CJK characters, on my Ubuntu in Firefox it's Droid Sans Fallback that the browser uses, as my computer currently has almost no CJK fonts installed. If you plan to design a website that uses Chinese text, you should prefer sans-serif fonts over serif fonts, as the latter ones do not look nice when the font-size is small.

Most Chinese websites actually do so. If you are planning to use English Latin character text and Chinese, make sure that you put the English Latin character font to the front of you font stack , otherwise you will end up with those fonts not displaying at all. The reason is that most Chinese fonts have support for Latin characters, but those Latin glyphs usually do not look very nice.

Here is an article in English on this topic , it is worth at least skimming, to see if there is something you could use. There are some Chinese web fonts similar to Google Fonts , but this is still experimental and not so wide spread.

Fonts on Windows7 and Mac

To be on the safe side, define a variety of fonts in your stack, with listing the ones you prefer before the other ones. You shouldn't be afraid of listing different fonts, your CSS line is just a few bytes, so this will not bloat your code by modern standards. Also, you can see from the above examples that some font names are typed out in Chinese, which might trick you, if the font is saved under a pinyin name, so you can type out both the Chinese and the pinyin spelled name as separate declarations to be fully covered, e.

If a font cannot be found, your browser will just move on to the next one in the stack, it's not gonna break. You should never use Windows fonts only, not everyone is on a Windows computer, infact most people now browse the internet on a smartphone or tablet, which are typically running an OS other than Windows.

These devices are unlikely to have Windows fonts installed mostly because of copyright issues. Android devices usually have Droid Sans Fallback to display Chinese characters. You can not just assume that "OS takes care for everything".

Use Safe Fonts Available on All Systems in PowerPoint

Probably you have a preference for a certain font, which makes your site look good, but that is not necessarily the font your browser will pick by default. There are many odd looking Chinese fonts that you want to avoid, so look around on a few websites, use the Developer Tools module of your browser and check what fonts are being used, how font stacks are defined.

Viewing what fonts are used for a certain piece of text in Firefox Rules tab: You can also check a number of websites about what Chinese fonts are installed by default on certain operating system, e. OSX , Windows and Android.

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As you know, Chinese fonts are not easy to make because we have thousands of characters, so we only have a few fonts. We do not use web font because who would want to download a 30MB file? Different PC uses different names for fonts so it's best to do. It is to ensure they load the font. In short:. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Tradtional Chinese fonts for website Ask Question. I have come up with this list after a bit of Googling, but not sure. I have checked a few random news sites from HK and Taiwan, here are some examples of defining the font or font-family property: Best thing about this is that unlike most Chinese fonts, this one comes in 7 weights all the way from Extralight to Heavy — yeah, baby.

Google is currently Dec. There are Chinese versions available for download, but these are not hosted on Google webfonts yet. There are a couple of Traditional Chinese fonts there, but no Simplified fonts yet. A few versions of Noto Sans also support Pinyin. Having a Google webfont on your Chinese website basically hangs the loading process for ages for users based in China as the site tries to render the font.

Sometimes it works, mostly it fails.

The reality

No one ever said life was fair. If your site is only targeting China, you can use the Qihoo mirror to load Google webfonts. Get the details on SEO Shifu. These guys are hot-shit design-y Chinese typographers. Quick history lesson: About 50 years ago, Chairman Mao controlled mainland China.

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  4. And he decided that literacy rates were super low because Chinese characters were crazy complicated to write. He hired some linguists, they came up with a writing system that removed a ton of the strokes from many of the characters, reducing the complexity of written Chinese. So now, Chinese characters can be written two ways.


    Or, as we call it in fonts on the web, Big5. If you are choosing fonts for a site that targets mainland China, choose GB If you are targeting Hong Kong, China towns abroad and immigrant communities, Taiwan, etc. Most Chinese websites offer both on multi-lingual platforms. The fonts on this page are all GB, but most have Big5 versions. Dear type-A devs: I know what an encoding is.

    The English web-o-verse is sadly lacking in Chinese font options, and because creating a Chinese font face is such a ridiculously huge undertaking, there are far less Chinese fonts than English ones. However, there are still quite a few.

    Microsoft JhengHei Bold

    Best thing to do is pop over to Google or the Chinese search engine Baidu and have a search for:. June 11,