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I just need to know if I can install any program without having admin rights or an admin password? If it's open-source, just compile the source under your own user directory in Terminal. If "make install" fails due to lack of administrative privilege, simply run the executable from its location. Start you mac up and hold control and then this dual core will pop up jut sign in to your automatic account know as the mac's admin and not owner's admin. Their will be another user called admin that has no password like a pc.

MAC have a windows xp start up so it will work.

Change or reset the password of a macOS user account

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Can I install programs on a Mac without admin rights? I'm working on a friend's Mac. To proceed with the task at hand, I need a specific tool.

how to install mac programs without admin

This tool is available for free and does not use in app purchases from the Mac App Store, but isn't available as a direct download from the developer. I do not wish to log into my own Apple ID on my friend's Mac, for a number of reasons: My friend is not present and thus I do not have his Apple ID password to download it under his account. It wouldn't be a reasonable request to me to ask my friend to provide his Apple ID password to me.

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Assume that before giving me his machine, my friend set his local system password to something generic so I would be able to know it, but has obvious good reasons to not do this with his Apple ID password. I am at work and just received a Mac. The IT management says that employees are permitted to install any apps onto the machine as long as they are free.

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So, for example, I'd be allowed to install Homebrew, or stuff from SourceForge, etc. However, the machine is logged into a "corporate" Apple ID, and thus I cannot re-associate it to my ID even temporarily. Also, I would not be able to "purchase" the free app under the corporate ID as I would not know its password. In these scenarios, is there a way to use the free app from the Mac App Store on the machine in question, without having to associate that machine with my own Apple ID, or purchase the app under someone else's account? An Apple ID in OS X is attached to the account, not to the machine so you can create a new account, use your Apple ID, use the app, then delete the account when finished.

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Another alternative is to use another Apple ID. There is nothing stating that you can't have more than one Apple ID. Just create one for when you are doing tech work like what you are doing now and use that one. I recently received an old iMac secondhand. I have no way to reach the original owner. I am trying to upgrade the OS software, but the prompts demand the administrator's name which is auto-filled and password which I do not have.

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I understand why these security features are in place, but is there any way in the world for me to access Admin. See this link for more information, including instructions on how to perform the reset without an installation disk. Once the password is reset, you can perform an OS upgrade. Of course, as this is a second-hand machine, you may be better off doing a reinstall in which case, just reinstall and don't bother resetting the administrator password first.

I don't think that's possible, at least not through the official App Store software update.

How to Install Applications on Your Mac

If you don't have a password, and you have an install disk, CD or flash drive, you should be able to reformat the disk and reinstall a fresh copy, in which you would lose all your data. You can back up any files you need to another disk, and then manually copy the files back to the fresh install.