How do you make an electronic signature on a mac

Step 4. A menu with four options will appear: Note, Text, Freehand and Signature. Step 5. Tap on Signature an open space will appear on the screen where you can create your signature with your finger or stylus. Step 6.

How to Create an Electronic Signature on a Mac

Once you are satisfied with the exact signature, tap on Save. Your signature is added to the document. Note that you can also select Freehand to directly sign the documents.

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Moreover, you can add Note and Text to the documents. Four options will appear on the screen: Once your signature is saved, you can save the document either in Notes or in Dropbox, from where you can resend the document with your signature. You can also print the document if your iDevice is attached with any printer through Wi-Fi. Step 3. Now press and hold your finger where you want to create your signature. Three options will pop up on the screen: Comment, Typewriter and Signature.

Signing the Document

Tap on Signature and you will be landed on a Signature Creation Screen. Step 7. If you want to make any change in your signature, tap the brush icon and change the color and thickness of your signature. Once the change is done, tap on Save. You can move the signature to your choice of location by tapping and holding it. Once you sign up the document, send it via mail.

How to add your signature to digital forms and documents in macOS

Now here is another method to sign document using iSight camera on Mac. Open the document with Preview app and click the Signature option from the Markup Toolbar. You can see two options on the screen: Trackpad and Camera. Once you click on Camera, an instruction will appear: Sign your name on white paper. Then hold it to be visible to the camera. Follow the instruction and the camera will scan your signature and the same will be reflected in Preview.

The Preview will automatically save your signature and you can reuse this wherever you want in future. To begin, get a white paper with your signature. Open your PDF file that required the signature. Hold the signed white paper in front of the camera and align paper with the line on camera preview.

Create a Digital Signature Easily with Preview on a Mac

Now you can click on Accept and close the preference window. Your signature is saved as the digital signature and saved in the system. You can create multiple signatures using this method and name it accordingly. It is coming to handy when you have to sign and initial some documents.

Insert Your Signature

Now make sure your Edit toolbar is turned on. Now you will see a small icon on edit menu named and signature. Now it is a matter of simply insert the signature on the required place you want and you can resize the signature if you want. At this point, you can change the color of the signature insert into the desired location.

Finally, save and close the file and you are done. Please be aware that there is a security risk for keeping your signature in your system.

This method is not providing any encryption to your signature file and a body can access it if they can log in to your system. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Check here to Select Right….