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Contact Us. Go to Cart Go to Mobile. Live Support. Log In. The scaling and region definition functions will have to migrate to the application itself, if needed. Please review your driver needs and requirements with the application software being used to determine if TabletWorks In some cases, software applications may have to be updated as well.

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Tabletworks Version Even one with 0. A charging station could be easily made with a piece of wood.

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Just a hole marginally thicker than the pen, some metal plate on the ground and a metal ring a bit higher would be sufficient contacts. The pen would get two holes on the cap where a wire leads round just a bit more than once and the top of the pen gets another two holes exposing a wire. So however you put the pen into the holder, it gets charged by standing on one contact and leaning against the other.

Would be wireless AND I wouldn't have to care about batteries anymore! Hmm, these days such a trivial idea should net me at least eight patents The real advantage of Calcomp's excessive documentation of the data format comes into play if I feel the need to do fancy stuff. One thing would be adding USB in a plug and play fashion. I would just need a Teensy and some simple USB stack to copy their behavior.

Calcomp Drawingboard 6 Demo

This might sound a bit weird comparing to just writing a driver, but 64 bit Win7 wants signed drivers and driver signing certificates are expensive. And installing a driver is less plug and play than just using a built in one, especially on foreign systems without administrative rights to install one.

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But well, that's a bit of pipe dreaming atm, as the first set of two hasn't even arrived yet. My budget is actually mostly limited because I'm consciously greedy. I could easily spend twice my savings or any sum a normal man could make in ten years for some DIY ideas, so I better limit myself. Not in the "make it look badass" way or by putting turbo chargers on everything, though. Some time later the steering wheel was also heated.

After Mercedes introduced their keyless S series I wanted the same and some time later the power windows were closing automatically with added obstruction detection when the car locked, which also put off the audio system. For aerodynamic optimization the grill was closed by solenoids if the engine wasn't too warm and almost all openings that could make wind noise were taken care of in some ways.

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When I saw BMW advertise the grill thing for one of their efficiency tuned models some years ago I had a damn good laugh. You can imagine how easily you can burn your money with such ideas, and for some reason all my hobbies end like that if I'm not careful. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

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