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We will use the network in the figure above to explain various configuration examples of Extended ACLs. R1 config access-list deny tcp host The configuration shown above configures R1 to restrict FTP packets sourced from host There also several other examples of Extended ACLs due to their ability to match multiple fields of a packet. For example we can configure an ACL on R1 to completely deny host The configuration shown above configures R1 to restrict any packets sourced from host This brings us to the end of this lesson in which we covered Extended ACLs, it is very important that we both have the theoretical and practical knowledge of Extended ACLs to master the topic.

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Also allows the creation and separation of multiple access lists. R1 config access-list deny ip host Additional Information: MAC Access list.

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Implicit Rule. S P FP F If you're trying to reach outside hosts from your inside network and you don't have any ACL on the inside interface, then the rule about allowing traffic going from the higher security level network inside to the lower security network outside applies. And that is why you can reach R1 router from one of your inside hosts.

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When you initiate traffic from the outside network e. If you don't have the outside ACL, the traffic will be dropped, because only traffic from the inside to outside network can pass without any ACL.

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Share Tweet. Click Here! Skillset What's this? We will use the same GNS3 setup in the previous article: For this article, I have removed the NAT configuration and we will focus only on the minimum configuration required on the ASA for transparent mode, which is as follows: I hope you have found this article insightful.

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References Configuring the Transparent or Routed Firewall: Author Adeolu Owokade. Adeolu Owokade is a technology lover who has always been intrigued by Security. He has multiple years of experience in the design, implementation and support of network and security technologies.

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